Obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies can feel like they are taking over your life. Some individuals feel the need to perform certain actions (handwashing, checking things, pulling out hair etc.) to alleviate anxiety or other uncomfortable feelings/emotions. Others have a difficulty stopping racing thoughts and may perseverate over and over about certain subjects or ideas. In the context of a safe, respectful, and compassionate therapeutic relationship, I work with clients to explore the anxiety that can cause OCD symptoms and help them to find a different way of coping with the anxiety other than using OCD behaviours. Clients often find that exposure-response prevention is a very quick and helpful method of treating OCD. While using exposure-response prevention methods, clients are exposed to a trigger (i.e. touching a doorknob) within the safety and support of the counselling session. Instead of performing the compulsion (i.e. hand washing), I support the client in tolerating the stress/anxiety the trigger provoked, and teach anxiety-reducing strategies.