Individuals who exhibit borderline personality traits may struggle with regulating emotions (feeling as if they are on an emotional roller coaster). This may lead them to feel out of control, empty, or lacking a zest for life. Additionally, some individuals may experience difficulties in relationships, and may struggle with self-harming behaviours. In a safe and therapeutic environment, and in the context of a compassionate and validating therapeutic relationship, I work with clients to explore all facets of life and life’s experiences. I have found that some individuals experiencing borderline personality traits have greatly benefited from working together to learn how to regulate emotions that seem to take over. I help clients learn how to ground themselves, tolerate distress, be mindful, and respectfully assert oneself in the context of relationships. The result is often that the client feels safer and more in control. Working from a relational framework, I pay careful attention to the needs of each client and offer a safe, warm, and accepting place for the client to come and explore his/her life. Together, we come up with an action plan that suits the client and his/her unique strengths and needs. Drawing from aspects of mindfulness therapy and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), we learn and explore skills together that can help the client feel more in control of his/her self, emotions, relationships, and life.